• Marshall J. Field, California Real Estate Specialist

  • Posted on June 15, 2018
  • Marshall J. Field

    Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group is the real estate advisory group led by specialist Marshall J. Field. This firm has been very active and successful in Calabasas, California real estate since at least 1977 and Marshall J. Field has been directing the sale of the clients’ assets since at least 2008, which is a long time . That is a long time to be offering real estate services in California, which is why clients trust him. An active member of a real estate advisory firm for so long, Marshall J. Field does his best to arrange financing for all types of commercial real estate projects.

    These projects can include full developments, individual and very specific construction projects, and value-added projects. Marshall is able to obtain funding from a variety of sources. , including banks, of course, but also a large number of non-bank resources, as well. The types of projects real estate advisor Marshall J. Field has guided over the years include many types of commercial properties and acquisitions, such as condos, multi-family homes, office complexes, industrial buildings and parks, and medical facilities, but there are many other projects, as well.

    One thing that has made Marshall J. Field so effective as a real estate advisor is the number and the diversity of capital relationships he has built up over the years and that he can rely on for funding almost anything. Those resources are always on the lookout for new projects and investment opportunities, but they are also capable of assisting with partnerships, sourcing, redevelopment, underwriting, deal and contract negotiations and other types of dispositions, and they can deal with all asset classes.

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